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American Idol's Angry Simon

Who do you love to hate more than any other television tyrant? It could only be American Idol's angry Simon Cowell. Why is an English angryman (angry Englishman, your choice) picking our American Idol anyway? Why does a brassy British boy want to tell us what to like?! Where does a loudmouthed Londoner get off enlightening us on what we should love? Don't ask Simon, he'll just say the question was bloody awful.

If you're anything like us, you love American Idol, but every once in a while you know judge dreadful just needs a slap in his pouting face! Here's your chance to give it to him! Take on Angry Simon one-on-one in the ring, and see if you can keep up with the angry antics of the mad man himself, Simon Cowell!

How did Angry Simon become one of America's top five entertainers of the year? Simple. He insulted as many of us as he could in the short time we could see him. We like that quality in a person. But certain angry television hosts have the unique opportunity to viciously insult their contestants, all the while remaining perfectly safe from any retaliatory face slapping, however necessary that face slapping may be. is all about serving Simon a dish of his own design. If he can judge us on our singing on American Idol, we can judge him on his judging! Join us in taking a shot back at the man America loves to hate, Simon Cowell.

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